Installing and Configuring fastcgi-mono-server on Linux

Table of Contents

Installation Instructions

Installation is done using GNU Autoconf. You simply have to fetch the package from Subversion and use the standard commands as shown below. Adjust the "--prefix" to your preferred installation path.

svn co fastcgi-mono-server
cd fastcgi-mono-server
./ --prefix=/usr && make && sudo make install

Server Specific Configuration

  • Abyss Web Server
  • Apache HTTP Server [TO BE ADDED]
  • Caudium [TO BE ADDED]
  • Cherokee HTTP Server
  • Hiawatha [TO BE ADDED]
  • Lighttpd
  • LiteSpeed Web Server [TO BE ADDED]
  • MyServer [TO BE ADDED]
  • Nginx
  • Roxen [TO BE ADDED]
  • Sun Java System Web Server [TO BE ADDED]
  • Zeus Web Server [TO BE ADDED]